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Temporary use of vacant real estate is our speciality

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Bridge vacancies with temporary use projects

Vacant property incurs a loss of income and costs, is an easy target for vandalism, misuse, littering and decays more rapidly than property in use. Vacant space in new or renovated real estate may deter potential tenants and customers and thus complicate marketing.

We offer solutions tailored to your needs, preventing and bridging vacancies. We plan, organize and administer temporary usage projects for commercial or residential real estate of all kinds and size, retail space as well as industrial sites. We focus on buildings prior to demolition, renovation, restoration or reuse before new lease contracts, as well as spaces for which no tenant can be found – temporarily or permanently. We solve your vacancy problem in transition periods of a few months or several years, anywhere in Switzerland.

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Find low-cost space in temporary use

As a temporary user you will find unbeatably cheap space anywhere in your region: Residential, commercial and office space, artist studios, pop-up shops or special locations for film and photo shootings.

Temporary use projects offer more than just access to attractive space: Our projects are a breeding ground for new ideas, friendships and business opportunities. In our projects people who are spontaneous, flexible, mobile and open for new opportunities meet their peers.

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