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Making use of vacant property

Vacant property incurs costs and a loss of income, is an easy target for vandalism, abuse as well as littering and decays more rapidly than property in use. Vacant space in new or renovated real estate may deter potential tenants and customers and thus complicate marketing.

We offer solutions to prevent and bridge vacancies, tailored to your needs.

We plan, organize and administer interim use projects for commercial or residential real estate of any kind and size, retail space as well as industrial sites. We focus on buildings prior to demolition, renovation, restoration or reuse before new lease contracts, as well as on space for which no tenants can be found – temporarily or permanently. We solve your vacancy problem during transition periods of a few months to several years, in all areas of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Reference project: Feldeggstrasse 4, Zurich, Switzerland

Projekt Interim has been entrusted with the temporary use of the former Alusuisse building, an architectural landmark from the 1950ies right on the waterfront of lake Zurich. By engaging Projekt Interim, the previous tenant was able to pass on the rent until the end of its lease while the owner was able to avoid vacancy.

Feldeggstrasse 4, Zurich

Your benefits

We bridge your vacancy in a flexible manner until exactly when you need your real estate again. We offer you the best and cheapest protection of your real estate against vandalism, abuse, littering and decay.

  • Complete outsourcing of the temporary use project to us – minimal effort for you
  • Flexibility as to duration and (timely) end of the temporary use project (upon your request, we will extend the temporary use project at any time).

Our strengths

Handing over your real estate is a matter of trust. We justify your trust by understanding your interests and needs, by being flexible, responsive, pragmatic in finding solutions, by selecting users diligently and by managing our projects carefully and tightly.

At the same time, we profit from our network of potential temporary users many of which we know from previous projects.

Reference project: Mollstrasse, Berlin, Germany

Projekt Interim was commissioned with the temporary use of the property on Alexanderplatz in the heart of Berlin. It covers a total area of 15,000 m² and is spread over 9 floors. It accommodates a variety of offers: Individual offices and studios, shared studios, both large and small event spaces, a catering business and various band and storage rooms.

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Our services

For every vacancy, we will develop a temporary use concept tailored to your needs and requirements. We will structure, organize, administer and supervise the temporary use project and will make sure that it is completed on time. Our services include:

  • Drafting of the contractual documentation (lend to use contract or lease agreement depending on the nature of the temporary use project and your specific requirements)
  • Marketing your property
  • Diligent selection of the users, many of which we know from previous projects
  • Acting as interface between you and the temporary users (we will your sole point of contact)
  • Covering all aspects of the temporary use project (organization, administration, controlling, policing, paying agent)
  • Facility management (if requested)

Reference project: Waldhuus, Zurich, Switzerland

Projekt Interim was entrusted with the temporary use of the former Hotel Dolder Waldhaus. The former hotel rooms, apartments and offices are now used by temporary users for residential and commercial purposes during two and a half years. The owner of the Waldhuus covers all costs with our temporary use project.

Waldhuus Zurich

Meet some of our clients

Since founding Projekt Interim in 2013, we have successfully implemented diverse temporary use projects for a wide variety of clients: