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Find unique spaces at the lowest prices

Our temporary use projects offer unique opportunities to flexible, independent and decisive people looking for working, living or retail space at an extraordinarily competitive price:

  • Cheapest space in Switzerland
  • We offer diverse rooms and space in a broad range of real estate: single- or multi-family homes, mansions, office buildings, industrial sites or retail spaces
  • Our projects often bring together a broad palette of people and activities under one roof – a great environment for interesting new contacts and opportunities
  • Users with a positive track record will be in a pole position for rooms and space in future temporary use projects.

Working in our temporary use projects

Temporary uses are perfect for setting up individual studios and for developing creatively. Nathalie Chapuis used the opportunity to promote her label in a room in the middle of Geneva.

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What you need to know

Our temporary use projects are structured as either temporary lease or lend to use agreements. For you this means the following:

  • Spaces in temporary use projects cost significantly less then spaces in conventional lease agreements.
  • As a consequence we ask temporary users to show more care, initiative, solidarity and readiness to help yourself.
  • Lend to you agreements do not provide for protective measures typical for lease agreements – such as the right to demand an extension of the lease under certain circumstances.

We choose temporary users carefully. So please be patient: We will contact you after checking all the applications.

Living in temporary use projects

Residential space in temporary use has may advantages: Unique spaces, great cost saving potential and fun neighbors.

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Pop-ups in temporary use projects

Temporary use also offers interesting opportunities for pop-up shops and restaurants. Try something now without engaging in high risk.

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