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Avenue Louis-Casaï 51, Genève-Cointrin

Project completed

Place: Avenue Louis-Casaï 51, 1216 Genève-Cointrin

Duration: 15. December 2019 - 31. August 2022

Usage: Office/studio

Description: Axa Investment Managers Schweiz have entrusted Projekt Interim with the temporary use of an office building at Avenue Louis-Casaï 51 in Geneva-Cointrin (close to the airport) for 24 months starting from December 2019. The office building counts 27 rooms and can easily be reached by public transportation. The rooms are bright and spacey with high ceilings and may be used as office or atelier. Internet is provided for free.

Property owner: Axa Investment Managers Schweiz

Responsible: Michel Regorsek