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Chemin du Devin 66-74, Lausanne

Project completed

Place: Chemin du Devin 66-74, 1012 Lausanne

Duration: 21. December 2023 - 30. June 2024

Usage: Living

Description: AXA Vorsorge Fonds Immobilie Schweiz has commissioned Projekt Interim Romandie SA with the temporary use of the apartments at Chemin du Devin 66-74 in Lausanne. The property has 22 apartments that are easily accessible by public transport. The building is located in Hauts de Lausanne - a quiet and green area. The apartments are bright, spacious and have equipped kitchens.

Property owner: AXA Vorsorge Fonds Immobilie Schweiz

Responsible: Virginie de Scheerder