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Forchstrasse 366, Zurich

Rooms available

Place: Forchstrasse 366, 8008 Zürich

Duration: 3. March 2023 - 31. December 2024

Usage: Living, Office/studio

Description: At Forchstrasse 366 in Zurich, we now offer living space, offices and a production kitchen. In the attic there is also a 116 m2 room, which can be used for example for a large yoga group or as a photo studio. The interim users have free use of a lounge, a kitchen, a large terrace and a laundry room. This interim use is located next to the Hirslanden Clinic and close to the Balgrist streetcar station. Several shopping facilities are located one streetcar stop away.

Client: Stiftung Diakoniewerk Neumünster -Schweizerische Pflegerinnenschule

Responsible: Jeffrey Fehlmann