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Hinterbergstrasse 32, Cham

Project completed

Place: Hinterbergstrasse 32, 6330 Cham

Duration: 1. January 2017 - 31. January 2022

Usage: Office/studio

Description: Zürcher Kantonalbank has commissioned Projekt Interim with the temporary use of a commercial property at Hinterbergstrasse 32 in Cham for three years. The property offers young entrepreneurs, start-ups and creative artists more than 9,500 m2 of usable space, which can be used as a studio, office, exhibition space or band room. In addition to the ideal room layout (rooms from 9 m2 to 1,660 m2), the intermediate users benefit from several shared tea kitchens, goods and person lifts, internet and shared meeting rooms. The train station Steinhausen is right next to the property and can be reached from the train station Zug within 5 minutes. The Zurich Central Station can be reached in 28 minutes.

Responsible: Maria Zurbuchen