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Hofwiesenstrasse 314, Zurich

Rooms available

Place: Hofwiesenstrasse 314, 8050 Zürich

Duration: 23. May 2023 - 31. March 2025

Usage: Office/studio, Pop-up/retail

Description: Projekt Interim was commissioned with the temporary use of a store, a treatment studio/pop-up store/studio and practice rooms at Hofwiesenstrasse 314 in Zurich. The centrally located store on the corner of the building impresses with its large window front and has a storage area and toilets in the basement. The well-kept store on the ground floor, on the side of the building, is 55m2 in size. Two separable rooms, a separate office area, shower and toilet are suitable for use as a pop-up store, practice or studio. The premises on the 1st floor, with a total area of 81m2, are suitable for creative work or as a practice in the healthcare sector with customer reception. The rooms have a shared kitchen/toilet incl. shower and separate toilet. Good accessibility is guaranteed thanks to the proximity to Oerlikon train station.

Property owner: BVK

Responsible: Prisca Hediger