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Kochstrasse 1 to 7 and Sihlfeldstrasse 113, Zurich

Rooms available

Place: Kochstrasse 1 - 7 und Sihlfeldstrasse 113 , 8004 Zürich

Duration: 24. April 2024 - 30. September 2024

Usage: Living

Description: The owner has commissioned Projekt Interim with the temporary use of 3- and 4-room apartments at Kochstrasse 1 - 7 and Sihlfeldstrasse 113 in 8004 Zurich. The apartments are in a quiet location and are available from now until September 30, 2024. The "Lochergut" stop is a five-minute walk away. In addition to good public transport connections, the temporary users benefit from a lively neighborhood with a variety of dining, shopping and nighlife options.

Property owner: Wonneberg AG

Responsible: Sarya Aridag