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Lüdin-Areal, Liestal

Rooms available

Place: Schützenstrasse 6, 4410 Liestal

Duration: 22. August 2023 - 30. June 2025

Usage: Industry/workshop, Office/studio, Pop-up/retail, Storage

Description: SIAT-Immobilien AG has commissioned Projekt Interim with the one-year temporary use of the Lüdin-Areal in Liestal. The property offers young entrepreneurs, start-ups, cultural professionals and artists several hundred square meters of space that they can use as an office, studio, exhibition space, pop-up space, music room or warehouse. A wide range of spaces between 10 m2 and 400 m2 are available to the temporary uses. Liestal train station is located right next to the site.

Responsible: Elriz Traub