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Nonnenweg 68/70, Basel

No rooms available

Place: Nonnenweg 68/70, 4055 Basel

Duration: 1. April 2023 - 30. April 2025

Usage: Industry/workshop, Office/studio

Description: Projekt Interim was commissioned with the interim use of the property at Nonnenweg 68/70 in 4055 until its demolition in 2025. The bright offices and studios range in size from 8 m2 to 113 m2. The different rooms allow for exciting usage concepts - whether open-plan office, practice, studio community or workshop. In the basement, there are spacious studio/workshop areas with up to 332 m2 as well as storage rooms in the 2nd basement level. The property is easily accessible by public transport. The Birmannsgasse, Pilgerstrasse and Burgfelderplatz streetcar stations are only a few minutes' walk away. There are numerous catering and shopping facilities in the immediate vicinity.

Responsible: David Derbin