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Schönau Areal, Wetzikon

No rooms available

Place: Schönaustrasse 15, 8620 Wetzikon

Duration: 1. August 2014 - 30. June 2027

Usage: Pop-up/retail

Description: HIAG Immobilien commissioned Project Interim with the conception and execution of a temporary use project for the vacant spaces in the listed Schönau Areal in Wetzikon. The project is structured in a lend-to-use agreement. In a mixture of studio, exhibition, retail and office space the Schönau Areal has become a hub for creativity. In support of ABRI, HIAG Immobilien and Project Interim offered the non-profit organisation part of the Schönau Areal free of charge. ABRI organizes events for kids, teenagers, families and people who have been abused.

Responsible: Prisca Hediger