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Seidenweg 5a, Bern

Project completed

Place: Seidenweg 5a, 3012 Bern

Duration: 1. January 2023 - 31. December 2023

Usage: Pop-up/retail

Description: Projekt Interim was commissioned with the temporary use of the former sex cinema at Seidenweg 5a in Bern. The former cinema with its 70-year history is located in the hip Länggass district. The main hall on the first floor is 132 m2 and has a height of 6 meters. The side hall, the foyer, the control room on the upper floor, the toilets and two basement compartments in the basement offer space for big things. In total, over 250 m2 of event and retail space is freely available to interim users. The "Mittelstrasse" bus station is a minute's walk away, and various cafés, restaurants and shopping facilities are in the immediate vicinity.

Responsible: Elriz Traub