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Via Principale 4, Madulain

No rooms available

Place: Via Principale 4, 7523 Madulain

Duration: 1. September 2019 - 30. April 2029

Usage: Living, Pop-up/retail

Press: Madulain 27.10.2019

Description: Projekt Interim was entrusted with the temporary use of the Madulain workshop for 4 years. The former staff rooms as well as the lounge and kitchen on the upper floor have been renovated and are perfect for groups (up to 16 people - 8 double rooms) or individuals. Further information on accommodation: madulainlodge.ch. In the off-season, rooms can be rented on a monthly basis via Projekt Interim, depending on availability.

Property owner: Madulain Lodge

Responsible: Karin Lenherr