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Zollikerstrasse 196, Zurich

Project completed

Place: Zollikerstrasse 196, 8008 Zürich

Duration: 1. February 2023 - 29. February 2024

Usage: Living

Description: Projekt Interim was commissioned with the temporary use of a 4.5-room apartment at Zollikerstrasse 196 in 8008 Zurich. The bright and spacious apartment with 133 m2 is located on the hillside above Tiefenbrunnen train station and allows a view of Lake Zurich. Public transportation is within walking distance and the city of Zurich is a few minutes drive away. The rental property includes a garden seating area and a car parking space.

Property owner: Evangelisch-reformierte Kirchgemeinde Zürich

Responsible: Julian Banjavcic